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Unholy Spirits




Occultism and New Age Humanism



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The New Age Rage!
Why All The Fuss?
Everywhere you turn these days, talk of crystals, channeling, astral projection, mediums, psychic phenomena, pyramid power, and reincarnation abounds. The New Age rage is upon us.
Should this give us cause for alarm? Are New Age enthusiast a serious threat to Western civilization and orthodox Christianity? Or are they little more than "kooks laughingly to be dismissed? Is all the attention they've garnered in recent months simply a passing fad?
According to this in-depth analysis by renowned historian and author Dr. Gary North, the New Age movement is indeed a serious threat and its adherents are no laughing matter.
By tracing the historical and theological roots of modern occultic practices, Dr. North paints a frightening portrait of just exactly what we are up against. It's not a pretty sight.
Fortunately though, Unholy Spirits is not simply another "doom and gloom" forecast. He offers parents, teachers, pastors, and other committed Christians practical steps of action to nullify and ultimately eliminate the effects of the New Age infiltration into our homes, our schools, our communities, and our nation.

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Here is a simple. straighforward idea which has implications you probably never dreamed of: there are unexplained events in this world. There are events that cannot, by their very nature, be explained by the standards of contemporary rationalistic science. UFOs, telepathy, demonic healings, accurate predictions of future happenings: these events really happen, and few men can simply push them aside by attributing their orIgin to the random events in a chance-created world. Science has tried to hide them for centuries, but these and other "irrational" happenings are creeping out of the closet to challenge the sacred cows of rationalism. There may be future "logical" explanations, but the best one is probably the simplest: evil, supernatural and highly personal powers are hard at work in today's computer world.
Unholy Spirits demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt the active existence of demonic forces in our rational, humanistic 20th century. What is even more unnerving, however, is Dr. Gary North's argument that the fundamentals of humansim are identical with the basics of Satanism. This is not to say that all humanists are demonists. But it does mean that a commitment to the philosophy of humanism is no longer a shield against the demonic. It does not prevent men from dabbling in the occult or even embracing it. Nor does it prevent a radical new class of scientists from opening up a Pandora's box of satanic experimentation which could change the way that you live. As C. S. Lewis' demon, Screwtape, wrote to his nephew Wormwood in The Screwtape Letters, when the materialists believe in demons but not in God, the battle is over.

Catalog Description

This is Gary North's update of his long out-of-print None Dare Call It Witchcraft. He has researched this field for 30 years. Unholy Spirits is much larger and fuller than his earlier study. The book shows that the theory of autonomous man that undergirds humanism has always been accompanied by a rise in occultism. The two appear to be rivals, but culturally, they are twins.

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